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World Bookstore, Online Store: Purchase World Bookstore Encyclopedias and Reference Books Direct from World Bookstore

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World Bookstore, Online Store: Purchase World Bookstore Encyclopedias and Reference Books Direct from World Bookstore
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World Book is the leader when it comes to affordable, comprehensive encyclopedias, and is committed to providing timely, thorough and accurate information for its readers. More than a quarter of World Book encyclopedia content is updated each year - much more than any other encyclopedia in publication.

In all of World Book encyclopedias and publications, a wide variety of visual aids clarifies meaning and reinforces learning. Photographs, drawings, paintings, maps, diagrams, charts, and graphs make information come alive. Not all encyclopedias are the same ~ try World Book encyclopedias and experience the difference.
World Book encyclopedias set the standard for modern encyclopedia and learning, with articles rich in content and images. A list of related World Book articles encourages readers to broaden their study of a subject. Many articles also include booklists that lead the user to further reading on the subject. These lists of books have been carefully selected to represent the most current, balanced scholarship.

Plus, a list of questions at the end of major articles reviews important information in the article. The questions are designed to reinforce understanding of the major areas of the topic. If you've tried other encyclopedias and found them dull and uninspiring, then take a look at World Book encyclopedias; the clear, well written topics (checked by more than 3,000 experts) make each subject come alive, and the numerous photographs and charts add depth not found in other encyclopedia publications

www.World Reference Books and World Bookstore Encyclopedia Direct from World Bookstore

World Book presents a universe of information. From A to Z, the world of knowledge unfolds. World Book articles are written clearly. They're concise and interesting...packed with facts instead of adjectives. And because each article is tightly written, there are more of them in each volume.
  • Authored and edited by 3,700 experts
  • Checked and rechecked
  • Updated more than any other reference source
  • Straightforward and understandable to students of all ages and levels.
Discover the World Book difference at the World Book website.

World Bookstore, Online Store: Purchase World Bookstore Encyclopedias and Reference Books Direct from World Bookstore

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